Why your business needs a website.

Why your business needs a website.

Some businesses overlook the importance of a website because they get customers on the ground by advertising on Facebook, Whatsapp groups or the local newspaper however good this works, it’s not enough and this is why:

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Companies without a website don’t look professional

Take a moment to think about this, you might have business right now with your current customers because someone referred you; but what happens when the deal is over? How do you get new customers who haven’t heard of you? Do you know where all your potential clients are currently?
Most potential customers won’t know of your existence or trust you if you have nothing to showcase your work

This is where a website comes in handy, it is an ever-present salesman, CV, brochure, calling card, certificate, contact directory and testimonial for your business. How were you going to know about Simplynovation if we didn’t have a website? A website can help you get new customers with ease.

Ignorance is very expensive

Have you ever heard of the saying “Ignorance is bliss.”? It is very true for businesses too. The cost of having a website is far less than the amount of money your business can lose due to a lack of a website. Potential high paying customers prefer working with businesses that have websites because it is an easier way to find out important information about a business.

Be wise

Get yourself a website as soon as possible because a web design service is very affordable. If you have enough time to do it yourself then please do so. You can use tons of web design tools online like a web design app or site builders like Wix, WordPress, Weebly or Square Space. The most important thing is for your business to have a professional good looking website that turns people checking you out into buyers.

If you would like us to design a website for you, please click the button below.


Technology in Zambia is still at its infancy and as a company that offers digital services & products; we are doing our best to make Zambia technology development an easy reality one business at a time.


In conclusion, a website can bring you a return on investment 1000 times more than you spent on it being made. Lack of a website can lead to loss of business. Get your business a website as soon as possible whether you want to try your hand out at web designing, using a web design software or engaging a web design company, the important thing to have is a website.

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