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Simplenovation is a Zambian web design company that also provides digital (inbound) marketing and development services, working with small businesses and NGOs across the country. We are designers with a passion to help our customers grow. Get in touch

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We build responsive websites for our clients. This simply means that the websites we build look great on whatever device they are accessed on. Website visitors use different devices due to preference and convenience. For example, some may use iPads, Desktops, Smartphones, Smart TVs or even a smartwatch.

The point is that when we build your website, it can be accessed on whatever device but still look and function as intended.  

Probably, other companies can build a responsive website for your business but wouldn’t give you value due to not knowing the struggles of small businesses and NGOs in Zambia. Our team is based in Zambia and has been in the web design business since 2015.

We design websites in HTML 5 or CMS + SEO

Our design approach and ethic makes it easy for you to manage or edit your website even without possessing technical knowledge.


For example, when we build an HTML5 website, we organise all the elements (header, footer and sections). Our developers write fresh up-to-date standard code to make websites look beautiful and functional on every device.


Prefer a CMS (content management system) instead? We can design a WordPress website for you -- it’s quite popular. If you prefer another CMS, our team knows Weebly, Concrete 5, Jimdo, WIX, Blogger, SquareSpace and Joomla. In sum, we want to build a website on a platform convenient for you.


Whatever project we undertake, our designs come packed with SEO integration. SEO is short for search engine optimisation, this is how people find your website on the internet when they search for something related to your field. For instance, if your business is a pizzeria, we will make your website turn up when someone Googles pizza.

Hello Simpynovation! What type of websites can you build?

We design and build Ecommerce, blogs, corporate and custom websites. We have deep rooted skills in customer focus design aka UI and UX so that your customers love you.

Our sites rank well on Google and are dominant. If your website doesn’t turn up on search results then you wasted your money. Search engine optimization and social traffic are vital and we make them happen. We have copywriting skills that will engage your visitors and make them share content on social media.

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