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At Simplynovation we sale and make software to simplify your business processes. Handle HR, Procurement, Customer relations, Payroll and Inventory hassle free. 


Do you want software for your business? We know software development.

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Here are some products for your business:

We create the necessary business software solutions for your company or organisation to function properly in 2019 and beyond. Our software is customised to meet the needs of your business from colour all the way to tasks in order for you to work efficiently.

Payment Solution Software

We create payment solutions software to aid in bulk or electronic payment processing.For example a payment gateway, payroll or procurement software.

Productivity Software

We create productivity software to aid in execution of work tasks and automation where necessary. For example an ERP or project planner software.

Database Software

We create database management software to aid in record keeping and management of data. For Example, CRM, Human Capital Management software.

Quick Buy Book

Procurement Software

Quick Buy Book is a procurement software for use by businesses
to buy products from suppliers with ease. QBB enables businesses
to call suppliers to bid and offer products to them by making suppliers submit their offers. Picked suppliers can be paid through the system. Businesses and procurement professionals can enjoy making purchases and checking through offers from the comforts of their computers or mobiles without ever leaving the office.

People Capital

Human Capital Management Software

People Capital is human capital management (HR) that helps companies manage their employees. Our software can help you find candidates for jobs, ease transfers, show employee engagement, display employee personal profile, transfer status, violations, compensation, retirement etc. The best part is that we can add whatever features you mare desire for personalisation to your business requirements.

Odoo CRM & ERP

CRM and ERP Software

While Odoo is not our native software, we customise it to our
client’s needs. We can build and design an Odoo system for your
business with a focus on the CRM component and the necessary
features needed for your business such as stock inventory,
sites and much more.


Administration Productivity Software

BizZap is an administration productivity software meant for
small businesses to enable a distraction free environment with a
focus on work by combining work email, calendar, notes, work
social hub, employee checkin and department handling. BizZap
brings sophistication with a minimalist approach.

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