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What’s digital marketing?

On a baselevel, digital marketing is advertising through digital platforms such as social media, email, search engines and websites. Currently, much of the world has transitioned to digital means of consuming data and information. So, much of the customer base is online using social media to communicate or watch funny videos, search engines to research and emails to communicate formally. With that in mind, digital marketing is endorsing products or services through digital platforms.

No, we wish it was that simple. Noticed that it’s digital marketing and not digital advertising? Digital marketing is actually a science that involves understanding human interests and behaviour – human psychology of some sort.

Personally, don’t you just hate seeing ads before that YouTube video you want to watch plays?

So, what are the odds of a customer clicking on your advert if you’re annoying them?

Just like the way the world has evolved; marketing has to evolve too. In the past, marketing was about creating a product or service then moving to promotion. This might have worked in the past but it’s no longer as effective. That’s why we use the inbound marketing methodology.

You’ve probably spent money on Facebook or Google ads but didn’t yield results. You’re not alone, we’ve done that before but years of experience and education have changed all that. We yield results!

If closing more sales or creating a strong brand online is one of your goals, you should. In bound marketing is about creating rapport and relationships with customers. This helps with retention and reducing buyer’s remorse.

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We've modernised digital marketing in Zambia

Just like the way the world has evolved; marketing has to evolve too. In the past, marketing was about creating a product or service then moving to promotion. This might have worked in the past but it’s no longer as effective. That’s why we use the inbound marketing methodology.

Customers Await you!

Zambia's Population is 18.65 Million!

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are the most popular advertising channels online and there’s a good reason for that. Facebook Ads give advertisers access to Facebook and Instagram audiences via Facebook business manager. Similarly, Google Adwords gives advertisers access to Google, YouTube and Gmail audiences.

There’s more than 5.48 million active internet users in Zambia and over 2.6 million are active on Facebook.

If they’re using the internet, they probably use Google. How many times have you used Google this week?

If they’re online and meet your customer profile, we’ll find them for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

Perfectly optimised website to load content faster and rank high on Google. Show up in search results.

Content Marketing

Build and schedule content that achieves set goals using content calendars.

Email Marketing

Create highly converting marketing emails tailormade for each audience type in the buying journey.

Newsletter Management

Send out newsletters on schedule with monitoring insights and open rate tracking.

Social Media Graphic Design

Design social media graphics that complement your brand style and convert viewers into buyers or audience members.

Google Analytics

Analyse overall website performance and visitor statistics. Know your website visitors by age, location and interests to better understand how to convert them.

Online Competitor Analysis

Track the biggest competitor in your business type or market. Know what strategies they’re using and how to beat them at their game.

Influencer Marketing

Use leading influencers to endorse your products or services with popular trends.

We make
marketing work

We use the inbound marketing methodology. Basically, inbound marketing is about creating rapport or relationships with customers prior to selling. People usually buy from people or brands they know.

Noticed how powerful network marketing is? The sellers are usually your colleagues, family or friends. Inbound marketing is similar but without the regret of buyer’s remorse from your customers.

With our inbound marketing package, we build your brand online and foster relationships between you and your customers.

We do the heavy lifting of creating marketing sequences to meet your desired goals. We’ve you covered starting from online ads, search engine optimisation, content marketing blogs, landing to product pages

We produce results

We use evidence based strategies that yield results,make marketing easy andconnect with customers.

Our staff are alumni of the leading digital marketing powerhouses in the world namely

HubSpot Academy, Copyblogger and Google Academy.


HubSpot Academy is an initiative by the digital marketing powerhouse, HubSpot. Their trainers include Havard professors in marketing. HubSpot is known for making $100 million in the first year of using inbound marketing.


Copyblogger is a digital marketing blog and learning platform. It’s run by Brian Clark who’s a best selling author and serial entrepreneur. His sales systems and strategies have yielded millions of dollars in sales.


Google created the Marketing Platform Academy under the With Google trademark. Since Google is the biggest source of traffic for most sites, they teach best SEO practices. Best SEO practices are necessary for online success.

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